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Life Solved lifts the lid on the latest ideas and discoveries that look set to change our lives. Every week we'll bring you a fresh episode featuring cutting-edge research. Find out how this is set to revolutionise the way our world works. We'll explain how technology and community go hand in hand with the natural world, and how industry and sustainable environments can connect for the benefit of society.

Below are a selection of relevant episodes in relation to plastics:

Series 1, Episode 4: Deep, blue thinking (Release, 18th August 2020)

Professor Steve Fletcher explains how cooperation on our mysterious oceans could help save environments.

Series 1, Episode 6: The politics of water (Release, 1st September 2020)

Dr Julia Brown discusses her research into giving water access to whole populations.

Series 1, Episode 7: Britain's burning future (Release, 8th September 2020)

Dr Mark Hardiman discusses climate change and how hot summers may become the norm in the UK.

Series 1, Episode 9: Oysters in the Solent - cleaning up our waters (Release, 22nd September 2020)

Dr Joanne Preston talks about how she's been reintroducing native oysters into the Solent.

Series 2, Episode 1: Plastic waste and the economics of sustainability (Release, 3rd November 2020)

Portsmouth researchers discuss plastic waste and the economics of sustainability.

Series 2, Episode 3: Parasites and pollutants (Release, 16th November 2020)

Professor Alex Ford explores how behaviour of sea creatures changes when zombie-like parasites thrive in polluted waters.

Series 2, Episode 8: Politics and packaging in the food industry (Release, 12th January 2021)

Prof Paul Trott discusses how smarter packaging could actually be one key to reducing food waste.

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