Mon, 4 December 2023

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UKCRIC, UCL, Chadwick Building, Gower Street, London WC1E 6BT

UKCRIC’s mission is to use our integrated research capability to underpin the renewal, sustainment and improvement of infrastructure and cities in the UK and elsewhere. By engaging academia, government, industry and end users, we de-risk, help to prioritise, and provide evidence, analysis and innovation for infrastructure and urban investments for a safer, more resilient and more sustainable future.



Our vision is to connect policy and practice with internationally leading, systems-based transdisciplinary research for the transformation of infrastructure and urban systems to enable safe, resilient and sustainable living, and to generate wellbeing and prosperity for all.

Scientific Missions

We are driven by four Scientific Missions, each developing and delivering interconnected, integrated and transdisciplinary research programmes and projects for the benefit of society.

Infrastructure and urban systems for one planet living. Accelerating sustainability through substantial advances in responsible consumption, resource efficiency and sustainable growth, helping the UK meet its carbon targets.

Transformational infrastructure and urban systems for a changing world. Pioneering methods in infrastructure and urban systems design to meet the challenges of climate change, changing patterns of use, societal expectations and emergent technologies.

Ownership, governance and business models for infrastructure and urban systems. Developing innovative models for coping with greater system interdependencies, changing patterns of use and new, disruptive technologies while at the same time delivering social justice and affordability.

Infrastructure and urban systems as drivers of equity, inclusion and social justice. Providing the underpinning, transdisciplinary research platforms for forging healthy, happy and productive lives for all through urban design, planning, policy and infrastructure.


  1. Provide thought leadership and shape the research landscape through our scientific missions and research agendas
  2. Facilitate access to and increase the use of UKCRIC’s facilities
  3. Provide coordinated doctoral, post-doctoral and early career researcher support and training
  4. Connect research to policy and practice for the benefit of society
  5. Underpin a self-sustaining research community and a financially self-sustaining Institute

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