Angela Merkel wins fourth term as nationalists surge in German elections

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25th September 2017

Angela Merkel has won her fourth term in Germany, but the victory has been overshadowed by a surge in support for the right wing AfD party.

Angela Merkel's party remain the largest in the Bundestag
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The Chancellor's CDU/CSU bloc recorded their worst results in 70 years, but remain the largest group in the German parliament. 

Meanwhile the anti-immigration AfD polled 12.6% of the popular vote and will become the third largest party in the Bundestag. 

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The result was met with protests outside the AfD headquarters in Berlin, as well as in Frankfurt and Cologne.

Mrs Merkel said she had hoped for a "better result" and would now listen to the "concerns, worries and anxieties" of voters.

Meanwhile, it was a bad night for the Social Democrats, who had been in coalition with Mrs Merkel's bloc but will now go into opposition.