NIA comment of Euratom and medical isotopes

Posted On: 
12th July 2017

Tom Greatrex, Chief Executive of the Nuclear Industry Association has commented on the relationship between Britain's membership of Euratom and access to isotopes.

While medical isotopes are not classed as special fissile material and so not subject to safeguarding provisions, it is not accurate to say that Euratom has no impact on radio isotopes used to diagnose and treat serious conditions. We are not able to produce them in the UK, so they are imported mostly from France, Belgium and the Netherlands. As they are listed in the Euratom treaty (appendix A2) as part of the common area in nuclear goods, services and material, they are subject to the treaty. With half-lives of days, the ability to trade and move isotopes constantly is required. It is imperative that the government ensures there is no impediment to the supply of isotopes as a consequence of leaving Euratom.