NIA reaction to publication of Nuclear Safeguards Bill

Posted On: 
11th October 2017

The Nuclear Industry Association have responded to the Government's Nuclear Safeguards Bill.

The government has published its Nuclear Safeguards Bill in Parliament which starts the legislative process to establish a domestic nuclear safeguards regime. Commenting on its publication, Tom Greatrex, Chief Executive of the Nuclear Industry Association, said:

“The publication of the Nuclear Safeguards Bill is a necessary legislative step in giving responsibility for safeguards inspections to the UK regulator, the ONR. It is just one small part of the incredibly complex and time-consuming process to replicate existing regulation if we leave Euratom at the same time as the European Union.

“The UK industry’s primary concern remains the risk of significant disruption if we cease to be members of Euratom without new arrangements being in place.

“This Bill does not provide reassurance on that, and is why the government’s priority should be seeking agreement with the European Commission to ensure there are transitional agreements in place, including continuing association to Euratom programmes.”