NIA reaction to government's Clean Growth Strategy

Posted On: 
12th October 2017

The government’s Clean Growth Strategy, which sets out how it will decarbonise all sectors of the UK economy, has been welcomed by the Nuclear Industry Association (NIA). 

Tom Greatrex, Chief Executive of the Nuclear Industry Association, said:

“This report shows a clear low carbon growth strategy which, underpinned by the industrial strategy, will benefit both the UK’s low carbon economy and our ambitious decarbonisation targets.

“As we move to reducing UK emissions further through the phase out of fossil fuels, decarbonisation of heat and power and increasing the take up of electric vehicles, new nuclear, combined with renewables as part of a lower carbon mix, will be a vital component of the UK’s reliable and secure electricity generation future.

“We welcome the government’s recognition that to deliver its strategy, a mix of low carbon electricity sources will be needed, and that one technology alone cannot deliver the ambitions set.

“However, the Levy Control Framework is important for low carbon energy investment confidence. Any successor mechanism needs to provide clarity as soon as possible on the period beyond 2020-21.

“Spending on R&D is another welcome move and is rightly a key focus for the government’s industrial strategy. The nuclear sector would like clarity on the small modular reactor competition, to capitalise on the international interest and benefit from the supply chain and intellectual property opportunities.”