Calor Gas respond to Clean Growth Strategy

Posted On: 
12th October 2017

Paul Blacklock, Head of Strategy and Corporate Affairs, has responded to the Clean Growth Strategy.

Calor welcomes the government’s commitment in the Clean Air Strategy, published today, to phase out the use of oil boilers in new and existing buildings situated off the gas grid during the 2020s. Calor supports a low carbon transition and has, with parent company SHV Energy, invested in developing and bringing to market bioLPG in early 2018 - a fully renewable fuel which can be converted to deliver energy for both heat and transport in any existing LPG equipment. Furthermore, the deployment of LPG, bioLPG and LNG (liquefied natural gas and biomethane) in rural areas, will help to achieve the government’s decarbonisation targets as these fuels produce far less carbon and are cost competitive with oil.