Calor Gas response to the Cost of Energy review by Dieter Helm

Posted On: 
25th October 2017

Paul Blacklock, Head of Strategy and Corporate Affairs responds to the Cost of Energy review published by Dieter Helm:

Calor welcomes the recommendations made by Prof Helm relating to the current business energy efficiency taxation regime, particularly in relation to the Climate Change Levy (CCL). The CCL is an ineffective policy which will only drive up costs to businesses, rather than help them decarbonise effectively. Current plans will see the price of LPG and gas rise significantly after 2019, which will impact on the competitiveness of UK business as we leave the EU.

We support his recommendation that the Treasury should review the CCL in a broader long-term framework in the context of a border carbon price and halt current plans to increase the Main Rates of CCL on gas in line with electricity by 2025.