Blue Cross comments following the Westminster Hall debate on Pet Theft

Posted On: 
3rd July 2018

Becky Thwaites, Head of Public Affairs at Blue Cross pet charity reflects on a recent Westminster Hall debate on pet theft.


Yesterday’s Westminster Hall debate on pet theft showed the strength of feeling in the House of Commons on the devastating impact the theft of a pet can have on an owner.

Blue Cross knows just how much pets mean in our lives and they are much more than just property - which is how they are currently recognised. It was refreshing to see wide cross party support for calls to change legislation to ensure pet theft is recognised as a specific crime and those criminals who snatch beloved family members away are rightly punished.

Blue Cross is pleased that the Minister has promised to ensure the government collects accurate data on the number of reported pet thefts across all police forces but this is an empty victory if the government refuses to change legislation to make pet theft a specific crime and protect the animals in our lives.

Our charity takes many calls to our Pet Bereavement Support Service from people who face the turmoil of not knowing what has happened to their stolen pet and if they are safe, or even alive. It is the time for the government to recognise the value of pets as family members and change legislation to reflect this.