New appointments this week in UK politics, civil service and public affairs

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20th April 2018

Dods People draws together a list of this week's appointments in Westminster politics, all the devolved administrations and the public affairs sector.

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Houses of Parliament:

House of Commons

Joint Committee on the Draft Health Service Safety Investigations Bill - Bernard Jenkin, David Jones, Diana Johnson, Andrew Selous, Philippa Whitford and Paul Williams appointed as members of this new committee.


Government Departments:

Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport

Treasure Valuation Committee – Gail Boyle appointed as a Trustee.

Royal Parks – Richard Hamilton appointed as a Trustee.

National Museums Liverpool – Andrew McCluskey and Philip Price reappointed as Trustees.

Ministry of Justice

Judicial Appointments Commission - Brie Stevens-Hoare and Sarah Lee appointed as Professional Commissioners and Anuja Dhir as a Circuit Judge Commissioner.

Cabinet Office

Helen MacNamara to become Director-General, Propriety and Ethics, replacing Sue Gray in May.

Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government

Holocaust Memorial Foundation – Eric Pickles and Ed Balls appointed as Co-Chairs, replacing Peter Bazalgette.

Department for Transport

Highways England - Kathryn Cearns appointed as a Non-Executive Director.

Ministry of Justice

HM Courts & Tribunals Service – Tim Parker to replace Robert Ayling as Chair on 27th April.

Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

Nuclear Decommissioning Authority – Lorraine Baldry to become Chair of Sellafield Ltd on 1st May.

Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service – Anne Davies joined the Council as an independent member, and Susan Jordan and Jayne Haines as employer representatives.



UK Independence Party

Gerard Batten elected unopposed as Leader.


Devolved Authorities:

Scottish Parliament

Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform Committee - Gil Paterson appointed to replace Kate Forbes as a member.

Standards, Procedures and Public Appointments Committee - David Torrance appointed to replace Kate Forbes as a member.

Justice Committee - Jenny Gilruth appointed to replace Fulton MacGregor as a member.



Rural Economy and Connectivity Committee - Kate Forbes appointed to replace Fulton MacGregor as a member.

Delegated Powers and Law Reform Committee - Tom Arthur appointed to replace David Torrance as a member.

Equalities and Human Rights Committee - Fulton MacGregor appointed to replace David Torrance as a member.

Economy, Jobs and Fair Work Committee - Fulton MacGregor to replace Tom Arthur as a member.

Health and Sport Committee - Kate Forbes appointed to replace Jenny Gilruth as a member.


Local Authorities:

Preston Council - Adrian Phillips to become interim Chief Executive on 19th May when Lorraine Norris retires.

Milton Keynes Council – Carole Mills to resign as Chief Executive.

Derby Council – Carole Mills to become Chief Executive.

Midlothian Council – Kenneth Lawrie to resign as Chief Executive.

Falkirk Council – Kenneth Lawrie to become Chief Executive in August, replacing Mary Pitcaithly.

Northamptonshire County Council – Damon Lawrenson to stand down as interim Chief Executive next week, and will be replaced by Andrew Quince also on an interim basis.

By-election Results 19th April

West Berkshire Council – Jeff Brooks elected for Thatcham West – Liberal Democrat gain from Conservative. (Nick Goodes disqualified).

Warrington Council – Anna Fradgley elected for Lymm South – Liberal Democrat gain from Conservative. (Sheila Woodyatt died).

Perth and Kinross Council – John Duff elected for Highland – Conservative hold. (Ian Campbell died).



Trade Associations

Recruitment and Employment Confederation – Neil Carberry to become Chief Executive on 25th June.


Global Counsel – Nicola Blackwood to become Senior Adviser.

Social Communications – Rob Luke joined as Director of Operations and External Affairs.

Blackstock Consulting – Harriet Shone to join as Director.

Interest Groups

World Food Programme – Tim Hunter becomes Deputy Director.

Save the Children International – Alan Parker stood down as Chair.

Action for Children – Julie Bentley to become Chief Executive on 1st August.

Citizens UK – Matthew Bolton promoted to Executive Director from September, replacing Neil Jameson.

Turn2Us – Simon Hopkins to stand down as Chief Executive in the summer.

RNIB - Eliot Lyne appointed as interim Chief Executive.


Royal Mail – Rico Back to become Chief Executive in June, replacing Moya Greene.

Mothercare – Clive Whiley became interim Executive Chair.


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