Record High Number Of People Diagnosed With Dementia - Alzheimer's Society comments

Posted On: 
12th June 2019

New data published today shows that the number of older people diagnosed by NHS England with dementia has increased by 7% in the past three years.

Jeremy Hughes, Chief Executive Officer at Alzheimer’s Society, said: “Thousands more people who are now receiving a diagnosis for their dementia are in a better position to access the support they need sooner. But these figures also highlight the sheer numbers of people being diagnosed – dementia is the biggest health and social care crisis of our time and, now more than ever before, we need to ensure the right services are there to reach every person who receives a dementia diagnosis.

“It’s vital that the NHS Long Term Plan is focused on supporting the specific needs of people living with dementia. It will fail unless it does so. Getting a diagnosis is crucial, but this must be followed up with the provision of responsive community-based services and a well-trained, well-equipped health and care workforce. Our proposed £2.4bn Dementia Fund will help deliver the most urgent quality care needs for people with dementia now.”