Alzheimer's Society: People with lower income have a high risk of developing dementia

Posted On: 
16th May 2018

In response to a study, published in JAMAPsychiatry today showing the link between wealth and dementia risk Dr Doug Brown, Chief Policy and Research Officer at Alzheimer Society says:  “With the number of people living with dementia set to rise from 850,000 to 1 million by 2021, understanding and developing ways to slow this increase is more important than ever. This new research shows that groups of people with less money have a higher risk of developing dementia, possibly because they are more likely to have poorer medical care.

“We know there are ways we can all reduce our risk of dementia, such as staying physically active, eating healthily and not smoking. These findings reinforce the fact that we need to ensure advice on how to reduce dementia risk and support reaches everyone so people can make informed decisions about their lifestyle. Research can play a role to ensure that everyone, whatever their ‘pay packet’, reduces their risk of dementia and gets the care they need.”