Mind response to Steve Reed's Mental Health Units (Use of Force) Bill article

Posted On: 
18th April 2018

Geoff Heyes, Policy and Campaigns Manager at mental health charity Mind, said:

“When someone is having a mental health crisis they may become frustrated, frightened and extremely distressed. No matter what happens they need to be treated with care and compassion.

“Too often force is used to control someone’s behaviour. This may include physically restraining someone against their will, injecting them with medication or using seclusion to confine and isolate someone on the ward. For the person in crisis, this can be humiliating, traumatising and at times life-threatening. 
“Healthcare staff and police do a challenging job and sometimes need to make difficult decisions very quickly, but there are ways to prevent the need for force. For example by providing well-staffed, therapeutic ward environments and using techniques to gently calm people down if they become agitated or upset. We welcome this Bill which will increase transparency and accountability and is an important step towards making safer environments for everyone experiencing a mental health crisis.”

Mind is responding to this articleSteve Reed MP: Treat mental health patients with care and compassion not cruelty.