Theresa May to unveil 10-year NHS reform plans despite Treasury opposition

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5th January 2019

Theresa May will plough on with her latest NHS reform plan next week, despite objections from the Treasury.

Theresa May will unveil her 10-year NHS plan on Monday.
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The Prime Minister will unveil the Government's 10-year NHS plan on Monday, despite Treasury concerns that it may not deliver value for money.

A Treasury source told the Financial Times: “The fundamental question is how you cut demand in the NHS, rather than just increasing spending.

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“The allocation of funds to the NHS was contingent on them having a proper plan which delivers value for money."

The Treasury was reportedly unhappy about how it was pushed into accepting plans to pour an extra £20.5 billion more into the NHS in real terms by 2023-24.

Mrs May is keen to continue with the NHS reform plans to show her Government has an agenda beyond Brexit.

The document is thought to run to more than 100 pages and will outline plans to further integrate health, social care and community services.

However, a senior Whitehall source told the Financial Times that the launch was a "displacement activity" and focus should instead be on fixing the current standoff over the proposed Brexit deal.

The proposals are said to be over 100 pages long and push forward efforts to bring together health, social care and community services, as called for by NHS head Sir Simon Stevens. The Prime Minister's team insist the plans have been signed off across Whitehall.

Mrs May is likely to try and focus on her NHS reform plans during an interview with Andrew Marr tomorrow morning marking the start of the political year, according to the Guardian