New Home Secretary Sajid Javid mulls scrapping Tory immigration target

Posted On: 
2nd May 2018

New Home Secretary Sajid Javid could scrap the Government’s controversial net migration target of less than 100,000 a year, it has been reported.

Sajid Javid took over as Home Secretary on Monday

Mr Javid, who was appointed to the role on Monday after Amber Rudd quit, could replace the policy with an annual quota, according to the Sun.

The 100,000 cap on new arrivals entering the UK was introduced in 2010 but has never been met.

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Under the new proposals, an annual immigration quota would be introduced and announced to Parliament in a Budget-style address every year.

The plans have been put forward by Tory backbencher Nick Boles, who has also suggested there should be five new principles for migrants coming to Britain.

The former minister said entrants to the UK should have a concrete job offer, be filling a skills gap and should only be able to claim benefits and non-emergency healthcare if they have paid taxes for "several years".

He also stipulated that a "reasonable mastery of English" should be compulsory and family members wanting to join immigrants should be able to support themselves financially.   

In a letter to Mr Javid, he wrote: “The country will need a new immigration policy once we have left the European Union.

“We have an opportunity to devise an immigration policy that is tough but humane, that serves the interests of British businesses and our public services, while protecting our national security and community cohesion.”

Mr Javid replaced Ms Rudd as Home Secretary at the beginning of the week, after she was forced to step down amid a row over deportation targets for illegal immigrants.