Theresa May to overrule Sajid Javid ‘by bringing in British-only airport queues’ after Brexit

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1st August 2018

Theresa May will reportedly insist on the creation of separate queues for British citizens at UK airports after Brexit despite the Home Office having warned against them.

British citizens may have to join a separate queue at airports and ports after Brexit
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The Prime Minister is said to be keen on the visual symbol of having quit the European Union, even though Sajid Javid’s department said it would actually lead to British people being in the slowest queues.

A source told the Sunday Times in June: “At most airports the overwhelming number of people coming in are Brits. At some times of the day the British queue would be longer than all the others put together.”

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But despite risking a fresh dispute with her Cabinet minister a Downing Street source close told The Sun: “The PM wants separate lanes for British travellers as an important sign to voters that Brexit has happened and there are tangible benefits from it that everyone can see.”

“She will insist the Home Office creates them.”

The Home Office is said to fear the increased cost that would result from manning the separate queues at airports and ports.

However there are concerns that Brussels will force UK citizens into a queue with other non-EU nationals from next March, when the UK has officially left the bloc.

Calls for a separate system in the UK came last year after holidaymakers faced long waits in places such as Madrid and Milan following a change of EU policy where those outside the Schengen area – including Britain – faced passport checks.

The Home Office spokesperson told the Sun in response to the Prime Minister’s plans: “We will use the opportunity of Brexit to take back control of our borders and strengthen border security.

“We are considering a range of options for the future immigration system and will set out more details later this year.”