Senior Met officer says police alone cannot tackle violence in the capital

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7th April 2018

Michael Gallagher, the head of the Metropolitan police’s organised crime command, said that arrests were not enough to stop the killings in London.

Senior Met officer Michael Gallagher has said that 'societal change' is needed to tackle violence in the capital.
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Speaking at an emergency meeting with community groups in response to the wave of murders in the capital, Mr Gallagher said that ‘societal change’ was needed to tackle the violence.


‘What we need is a societal change where young people, as perpetrators and victims, feel valued and protected’ he said.


‘It is beyond the police. We cannot prosecute our way out of this.’


‘We absolutely need to work with everyone, everybody. Parents, government, community groups.’


Over 50 people have been killed in London since the start of the year, with more killings recorded in the city in February than in New York. On Thursday night, six teenagers were stabbed in the space of 90 minutes.


Metropolitan Police commissioner Cressida Dick denied that the force was in crisis, and said that police had not lost control of the streets.


‘This is not an unprecedented time, but it is a very worrying time’ she told the meeting.