New Year’s Honours announced for serving and retired police officers

Posted On: 
29th December 2017

Federated officers recognised include previous Police Bravery Award winner.

PC Sara Widdrington from North Yorkshire Police is one of ten Federated officers being awarded with a Queen’s Police Medal (QPM) in the New Year’s Honours list. Sara was recognised with a Police Bravery Award in 2013 for tackling an armed robber whilst off-duty shopping with her son – she was later presented with the Daily Mirror’s Pride of Britain’s Emergency Services Award in 2014.

Fifty-five percent of QPMs this year have been given to federated officers from the rank of Police Constable to Chief Inspector.  This is an increase on previous years, with five officers receiving this recognition in 2016 and nine in 2017.

The Police Federation of England and Wales would like to see more of its members recognised – especially given the increasing demands and risks faced every day in the course of their duties protecting the public.

Calum Macleod, incoming Chair of the Police Federation of England and Wales, said: “We extend huge congratulations to everyone who has been recognised with these prestigious honours for exemplary service and commitment.

“It is encouraging to see an increase in the number of federated officers being acknowledged. However it is also fair to say this is only a handful of the 120,000 we represent.

“We are thankful every day for the sheer heroism and commitment shown by officers throughout the country and we will never lose sight of the sacrifices made or forget those who gave their lives to protect us.”

The Police Federation of England and Wales is calling for the appropriate recognition to be given to PC Charlie Geunigault and British Transport PC Wayne Marques who bravely responded to the recent terror attack on London Bridge. These nominations have been acknowledged by Government and assurance given that they are receiving the attention they deserve.  Earlier this year PC Keith Palmer’s heroism was officially recognised with a posthumous award of the George Medal.

Mr Macleod added:  “Federation representatives throughout the country will continue to engage with forces and chief officers at national and local levels to ensure that those who go above and beyond the call of duty are given the recognition they so deserve.”

Other senior officers, chief officers, police staff and those associated with policing picked up honours including CBEs, OBEs, MBEs, and BEMs.

Of note was an OBE for retired Kent Police Inspector Joe Holness QPM for founding National Police Memorial Day, now in its 15th year.  Joe received the Queen’s Police Medal in 2008. Of this accolade, Mr Macleod said: “Joe’s dedication, tenacity and commitment to remembering our fallen colleagues has been rightly recognised with this prestigious award.  This is very deserving and the police family owes him a great debt of gratitude.”