Sajid Javid becomes latest MP to receive ‘punish a Muslim day’ hate letter

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16th March 2018

Sajid Javid has become at least the fifth MP to report receiving a hate letter which encourages attacks on Muslims in exchange for “rewards”.

Sajid Javid is at least the fourth MP to report receiving the letter
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The savage propaganda calls on people to launch acts such as “butchering” followers of Islam or “bombing a Mosque” in exchange for “points” on a single day.

The so-called 'Punish a Muslim' letters have already been sent to the Westminster offices of Labour’s Rupa Huq, Mohammad Yasin, Rushanara Ali and Afzal Khan this week.

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Each MP had their office cordoned off, while staffers were taken to hospital after coming into contact with a “sticky liquid” also within the package – although none were harmed.

Local Government Secretary Mr Javid posted the offensive material on his Twitter page yesterday, with “#fanmail” tagged as the caption.

When asked if “some scumbag” had sent it to him, he replied: “Yep.”

Home Office minister Victoria Atkins urged recipients of the letter to hand them over to the police, in response to an urgent question in the Commons earlier this week.

She added that ministers take Islamophobia “extremely seriously” and sent a “strong message of support to Muslim people across the UK”.

Jeremy Corbyn said the “disgusting hate-filled letters sent to Muslim fellow citizens and colleagues in Parliament are utterly contemptible”.