£1m gift in will helps Tories outstrip all parties combined in post-election donations

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23rd November 2017

The Conservatives raked in more cash in the three months after the general election than all the other parties put together after a generous gift left in the will of a supporter.

The Tories added £3.7m to their warchest in the months after the general election
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Patrick H Gregory left £1m to the Tories in a dying wish and the cash came through shortly after Theresa May lost her Commons majority in a humiliating election performance.

In total, the party added £3.7m to its war chest between 1 July and the end of September compared with just over £2m for all the other parties combined.

Final election donations reveal Tories raked in millions more than Labour and still lost majority

Tories lost Commons majority despite raking in millions more than Labour in big-money donations

Labour narrow gap on Tories in pre-election donations funding

Labour received £1.7m - mainly from trade unions - while the Lib Dems took £600,000, the SNP £44,000, Ukip £36,000, and the Co-operative party £30,000.

But the data published by the Electoral Commission only reveal donations of £7,500 or more.

Labour is thought to rake in large sums in small donations from supporters. It raised some £5m that way in the days leading up to the general election in June.

Pro-Jeremy Corbyn campaign group Momentum also deals mainly in smaller donations - raking in some £580,000 a year in membership fees plus more in extra one-off sums.

A spokesperson told PoliticsHome: “Momentum don't have any big donors, and the vast majority of our funding comes from small donations and membership fees.”

In the wake of the general election, a Labour spokesperson said: "Labour supporters donated over £5m to fund our campaign with an average donation of £20, arranged thousands of events across the country and tens of thousands volunteered.

"While the Conservatives ran a campaign in the interests of, and paid for by, billionaires and bankers, Labour's people-powered campaign showed that by coming together the British people can transform our country for the many not the few."