Jeremy Corbyn aide granted Commons security pass after working without one for nine months

Posted On: 
18th September 2018

Jeremy Corbyn’s private secretary has been granted a security pass to the House of Commons after it was revealed that she had been working without out one for nine months.

Ms Awan has been working as Mr Corbyn's Private Secretary for over nine months

According to HuffPost UK, Iram Awan has finally been given access to the Parliamentary estate by the House of Commons authorities.

It comes after the news outlet last week reported that Ms Awan had been working in Parliament for more than nine months amid alleged security concerns.

Commons launches probe into Jeremy Corbyn aide over security breach claims

Jeremy Corbyn aide working in Parliament despite being refused security clearance

It was claimed that during that period she had routinely entered Mr Corbyn’s Westminster office via a visitor’s entrance, escorted by one of the leader’s team.

The Commons authorities are currently investigating the alleged breach, as Parliament’s rules strictly forbid such an arrangement.

Responding to the news, a Labour source said: “We are glad the pass has been granted.

“It is clearly wrong and damaging for there to have been such an unjustifiable delay.”

A House of Commons spokesperson said: “An investigation into an alleged breach of Parliamentary rules is ongoing, and we will not be commenting further”.

Responding last week when the news of Ms Awan’s security status was revealed, a Parliamentary spokesperson said: “Visitor passes are for visitors only; they cannot be used to carry out work on the parliamentary estate.

“While we are unable to comment on specific cases, any alleged breach of the rules on passes will be investigated by the House authorities.”

They added: “Anyone carrying out work on the estate must have been through the vetting process and hold a Parliamentary pass. Anyone working on the estate on a visitor pass would be in breach of this rule.”