Jeremy Corbyn blasts ‘disgusting’ Islamophobic hate mail sent to Labour MPs

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13th March 2018

Jeremy Corbyn has condemned the sending of “hate-filled” letters and packages to four Muslim Labour MPs as “disgusting”.

Four Labour MPs were targeted by malicious mail
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Police are investigating after suspect packages containing anti-Muslim letters and a sticky liquid were sent to party colleagues this week.

The Westminster offices of Rupa Huq, Mohammad Yasin, Rushanara Ali and Afzal Khan were all cordoned off while police investigated.

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Three staff members were taken to hospital, however the substance was later found to be harmless.

Mr Corbyn said the “disgusting hate-filled letters sent to Muslim fellow citizens and colleagues in Parliament are utterly contemptible”.

“Labour is committed to tackling Islamophobia and anti-Muslim hate crime, as well as all other forms of bigotry, racism and xenophobia,” he added.

“Those that seek to divide us will find that our country is united in mutual respect, proud of our diversity and ready to protect our shared future.

“Today we stand together with those facing this vile Islamophobia, to show them support, care and solidarity".

It comes a day after ministers urged members of the public to hand over to police letters which encourage people to “butcher” Muslims.

The aggressive propaganda calls on recipients to launch savage attacks in exchange for “rewards” on 3 April.

Parliament has reportedly emailed all staff, warning them to "be on the alert for suspicious items of mail".