WATCH: Fiona Onasanya insists she is 'innocent' in video plea for constituents not to dump her

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18th March 2019

A former Labour MP who was jailed for perverting the course of justice has insisted she is innocent as she begged voters in her constituency not to dump her.

Fiona Onasanya could face a by-election in her constituency
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In a bizarre video message uploaded to her Facebook account, Fiona Onasanya said she had been unable to properly put forward her side of the story.

The Peterborough MP was handed a three-month prison sentence in January for lying to police about who was driving a speeding car, and was released at the end of February.

Move to unseat jailed MP Fiona Onasanya after conviction appeal dismissed

MP Fiona Onasanya handed three-month prison sentence for lying to police over speeding offence

Labour expels Fiona Onasanya after her conviction for lying to police over speeding charge

She made history last week by becoming the first MP ever to vote in the Commons while wearing an electronic tag.

After an appeal to overturn her conviction was dismissed at the Royal Courts of Justice earlier this month, Ms Onasanya - who was booted out by Labour following her conviction - will face a recall petition.

If it is signed by 10% of those registered to vote in her seat, a by-election will automatically take place. 

The former solicitor was convicted at a retrial of colluding with her brother, Festus, after her Nissan Micra was caught going at 41mph in a 30mph zone near Peterborough in July 2017.

In her video message, Ms Onasanya said she was putting forward her account "without media spin".

"Throughout the last few months, you would have seen news articles, television articles and also rea on social media about my case," she said.

"And all of this time I have not been able to share my side. But just like a coin has two sides, so does a story. And this is my time to share with you, without media spin, what my side of the story is.

"From the outset, I have maintained my innocence. I have not perverted the course of justice. I have not colluded with my brother. My defence was never put across the media. At all times they always put forward the prosecution’s case."

The MP said she would "pursue avenues" to clear her name before calling on her constituents to back her.

She added: "Now I have this opportunity I would like to ask, people have asked for my resignation but what would you do if you knew you were innocent? Would you sit back and accept it? Would you accept the verdict knowing in your heart of hearts that you are innocent? 

"Or would you fight to clear your name? I am telling you I am innocent. And will continue to pursue avenues to clear my name. If you wish for me to continue as your independent Member of Parliament, I am willing and able to do so, but the choice is now your hands."

Watch the video below: