WATCH: Pete Wishart gets in a muddle over famous Bales

Posted On: 
27th June 2017

One is a super-wealthy superhero, idolised by millions of children, the saviour of his city... the other is Batman.

Christian Bale as Batman (left) and Gareth Bale (right)
PA Images

Christian Bale and Gareth Bale have quite a bit in common: they were both born in Wales and became global superstars after moving abroad.

So it’s easy to see how SNP firebrand Pete Wishart could confuse the Real Madrid superstar with the Batman actor when he tried to compare the transfer value of top footballers with the £1bn Tory-DUP pact.

The Perthshire MP told Sky News: “One thing we are going to put forward, because of this grubby deal between the DUP, £100m per Member of Parliament from Northern Ireland, more than the transfer value of Ronaldo and Christian Bale, is we’re asking for the resignation of the Scottish Secretary, his position is quite clearly untenable..."

To Dot’s knowledge, no bids from football clubs are in for the acclaimed Dark Knight Rises and American Hustle star, Christian – but his fee is likely to be a bit off the £85m commanded by Galactico Gareth.

Similarly Nigel Dodds and Jeffrey Donaldson may be of more value in nodding through a Queen’s Speech than tearing down the wing against Barcelona.

Watch the excruciating exchange below: