Labour fury at Government 'deception' over Heathrow vote

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24th June 2018

Labour has been left furious after it emerged the Government will hold a crunch vote on Heathrow expansion days before the release of a damning emissions report.

MPs will vote on Heathrow expansion on Monday
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The Committee on Climate Change is set to warn that rising aviation fumes are on course to scupper Britain’s chances of meeting greenhouse gas reduction targets, according to the Sunday Times.

The report is due to be published on Thursday but the vote on building a third runway at Heathrow will come to the Commons on Monday.

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Labour announces it does not back third Heathrow runway - but will let its MPs back it

Labour branded the move “outrageous” and accused ministers of a “deception” - but said it still would not order its MPs to block expansion of the west London airport.

Shadow Transport Secretary Andy McDonald told the paper: “MPs will be voting in ignorance of the key facts about emissions from aviation.”

He added: “It’s a free vote but I am recommending all Labour MPs oppose Heathrow expansion.”

According to the Sunday Times, the CCC report will warn that emissions are growing so fast homeowners may have to give up on using gas cookers, central heating boilers and petrol cars to meet targets.


It comes after Theresa May confirmed Boris Johnson will be free to dodge the controversial vote when it comes before MPs.

The Foreign Secretary - a longstanding opponent of Heathrow expansion - previously vowed to “lie down in front of the bulldozers” if the plan gets the green light.

But he was put in a difficult position after the Tories imposed a three-line whip to back the proposals, and he was put under further pressure when trade minister Greg Hands quit the government to vote against them.

Mr Johnson was taken to task last night by Tory MP and Health Select Committee chair Dr Sarah Wollaston.

In a now deleted tweet, she said: “ & resigned in the last fortnight because they wanted to vote with their convictions.

“Boris Johnson conveniently takes flight instead ahead of the Heathrow vote. So much for 'Lying' in front of the bulldozers... ah that sort of lying."