English cities are hungry to drive economic growth - EY

Posted On: 
13th March 2018

Tricia Nelson, EY’s Head of Transport, comments on funding for transport in English cities:

“The government’s invitation for English cities to apply for a share of £840m of investment in transport is to be welcomed as another positive step forward for UK infrastructure. While the amount on the table is £840m, half of the £1.7m announced in November, the stakes are much higher than that. This is an opportunity to feed the increasing appetite of our cities for economic power via the improvement of our transport networks as we seek to rebalance UK economic growth.

“Transport is arguably one of the biggest levers to pull on to drive regional economic growth and continued investment in road and rail is vital in achieving that. However, there must be a concerted effort by industry stakeholders to work collaboratively otherwise this significant investment will not maximised.