It's time UK politicians gave motorists the carrot instead of the stick

Posted On: 
19th May 2017

FairFuelUK presents its driver’s manifesto, targeted at all political parties. A set of policies that will benefit the economy, clean our air and ensure every PPC of votes on June 8th.

FairFuelUK argues that no political party is willing to stand up for the 37m drivers, who compose 81% of the electorate.
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FairFuelUK’s 5 key policies will deliver unquestionable benefit to the UK and are proven to influence voting intentions significantly. Their very simplicity shows that it is not rocket science, political dogma or ignorance that drivers want from their elected MPs, but a long-term sustainable transport strategy using corroborated tactics that will help in their daily lives, the growth of their businesses and their families’ well-being.

Decade after decade, a huge proportion of the electorate has been subjected to fiscal exploitation, at levels not seen anywhere else in the world. This silent majority provides £40 billion to the economy each year, yet gains trifling value and certainly no recognition in return. They are seen merely as compliant cash cows and even sadder, myopically portrayed by highly financed environmentalist groups, as prime contributors to the decline in our health, all based on scaremongering headlines and misrepresentation of health data.

A significant number of MPs from across all Parties support FairFuelUK. Yet no political party is willing to stand up for 37m drivers, who compose 81% of the electorate. Not one party ever places any positive encouragement in their political manifestos for this critical part of the economy. The Lib Dems even want to ban diesels by 2025. What planet are they on, it certainly isn’t one called common-sense? In fact, 70% of drivers believe there isn’t one UK political party that supports motorists or understands driving issues despite 93% of all journeys being by road!

FairFuelUK has become the most effective representation for millions of motorists, white van drivers, the haulage industry and small businesses. The group of voters who rely on their vehicles going to work, for use in their employment, education, medical support, shopping, social, family and leisure activities. No other motoring organisation truthfully represents these hard-working people and their needs and anxieties so independently and for no commercial gain.

In surveys since 2010, FairFuelUK has correctly predicted the outcomes of elections and the EU Referendum. The make-up of 1.4m supporters in the campaign’s surveys comprises real people who truly care about the UK, its economy and its environment. These voters are huge net contributors to UK Plc.  It’s time they are given a carrot or two instead of the perennial blind contempt to what’s staring the new Government in the face. Not just that bottomless pit of guaranteed revenue, but an economic engine room of growth and a source of proven solutions to cleaner emissions without punitive toxic taxation.

You can read FairFuelUK's full General Election manifesto asks here