Wed, 29 May 2024

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Greece's Wildfire Crisis: The Strength of Solidarity in the European Union

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Christina Georgaki

Christina Georgaki

4 min read Partner content

Lawyer and member of the New Democracy Political Committee, Christina Georgaki, explains how solidarity from European neighbours is helping Greece through the current wildfire crisis.

As Greece faces the most intense wildfire season in its recorded history due to an unprecedented heatwave, the country's resilience is being tested like never before. But in these trying times, the value of international cooperation and the spirit of solidarity within the European Union has been evident, and for this, Greece is profoundly grateful.

The wildfires currently ravaging our country, with over 100 active fires at one point, have left us battling on all fronts. But this is not a fight we face alone. The EU Civil Protection Mechanism, a testament to the strength of the Union as a collective, has been instrumental in offering much-needed support.

Responding to our request for assistance, our EU counterparts have swiftly mobilised #rescEU resources. Planes from the #rescEU fleet are now in Greece, complementing our firefighting efforts from the sky. In addition, firefighting teams, equipped with emergency vehicles, helicopters, and hundreds of brave firefighters, are on the ground, working alongside Greek firefighters in their relentless battle against the blazes.

Moreover, the EU’s emergency Copernicus satellite is providing invaluable damage assessment maps of the affected areas. This data is crucial for our disaster response efforts and will be instrumental in the rebuilding and recovery phase that will follow.

The EU’s 24/7 emergency response coordination centre remains in constant contact with Greek authorities. This coordinated response ensures timely and efficient deployment of assistance and symbolises the strength of our European ties.

The EU has always been seen primarily as an economic union, but the response to Greece's wildfires serves as a poignant reminder that the Union is also a community of nations bound by shared values of solidarity, cooperation, and mutual support. It is at times like this that the true strength of such a union shines through.

I want to express profound gratitude on behalf of Greece to our European neighbours. Your support and the spirit of EU solidarity not only empower our immediate response but also inspire our people during these challenging times.

As we continue to battle the wildfires, we are reminded that while crises are inevitable, we are part of a broader, stronger community that stands ready to help when we need it most. Our experience reaffirms that in the face of adversity, we do not stand alone - we face it together.

We are also profoundly grateful to the UK government for communicating to UK tourists that Greece largely remains a safe place to visit. As someone who is spending the summer here with my family, I can confirm this first-hand. Despite the ongoing crisis, our renowned hospitality and the unique beauty of our landscapes continue to provide memorable experiences for our visitors.

The solidarity demonstrated by the EU underscores the strength of our Union. It's not merely about economics; it's about coming together in times of crises, supporting each other in times of need. And for that, Greece is deeply grateful.

While the battle against the wildfires continues, our resolve remains unshaken. We stand tall, knowing that we are part of a community that stands together in times of crisis, and for that, we are stronger.

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis often says that adversity should not break us, but make us stronger. Greece is living proof of this. And as we unite in the face of adversity, our bond as a Union is only growing stronger. Our shared response to this crisis reaffirms the spirit of the EU: one of solidarity, resilience, and shared determination.

In this time of crisis, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to the EU and all the countries that have offered support. This crisis has reminded us that the EU is not just an economic union but a family, a solidarity union that stands together in times of need. This is the spirit that will help us overcome the present crisis and emerge stronger. Together, we will rebuild, renew, and rise once again.

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