Thu, 22 April 2021

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Safety & Sustainability Report

Welcome to our first Safety & Sustainability report.

Safety and Sustainability has to be pivotal to the success of a business like Cadent. Since joining Cadent as Chief Executive in September 2019, I have spent time getting to know the business, our priorities, our impact and the changing landscape of our future as a gas network.

Keeping over 11 million homes and businesses connected to their gas supply as well as keeping the public and our people safe has been and continues to be our priority. But it’s also important for us to understand our impact on the environment, particularly when working through our plans to achieve the Government’s net zero ambition. We are committed to tackling climate change and supporting the transition to a sustainable energy system to keep the energy flowing for future generations.

As we work through our next business plan with our regulator Ofgem, you will see clearly how seriously we are taking our commitments to safety and sustainability. We have engaged with our customers and stakeholders at unprecedented levels to ensure we reflect their priorities and expectations, to ensure our communities can trust us to act responsibly as a business.

We will continue to share our progress with ongoing updates to our Safety and Sustainability report. 

You can read the full report here.

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