Tue, 25 June 2024

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Luton Rising


Hart House Business Centre, Kimpton Road, Luton LU2 0LA

Luton Rising is a social enterprise owned by Luton Council, with London Luton Airport as its main asset. Its mission is to ensure that the financial benefits from the airport directly benefit local communities.

Luton Rising

The airport saw 18 million passengers travel through it in 2019 and it provides 10,900 jobs directly and 28,400 jobs are supported nationally.

Luton Rising is committed to creating a prosperous and fair Luton, fighting poverty and promoting sustainability. It aims to expand the airport and its assets, providing for 32 million passengers a year, generating more jobs and boosting investment to foster strong, thriving, and resilient communities in Luton. This dedication has already made Luton Airport the most socially impactful airport in the country.

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