Mon, 24 June 2024

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MPA Government & Industry Action Plan

Here are details of MPA's Government & Industry Action Plan

The ongoing, sustainable supply of essential aggregates and mineral resources cannot and should not be assumed - MPA

Robust, long-term strategic national policies is required to allow a steady and adequate supply of mineral resources, says the Mineral Products Association. Read the full article here.


“Delivering for the UK and supporting growth in the next Parliament . . . how the Mineral Products Industry can help”

MPA has published its ‘Government & Industry Action Plan’ which sets out key actions for both the next Government and the mineral products and quarrying industry, to help ensure that policy objectives supporting sustained economic recovery can be delivered.

The mineral products and quarrying industry is an essential, indigenous and major primary material producer in its own right that is locked into the DNA of a whole host of other important industries. We are the largest supplier to the construction industry and sectors such as housing and property, as well as transport, energy and water all rely upon the supply of mineral products of one type or another. In short we are critical to the development and maintenance of UK infrastructure and for the improvement of people’s everyday lives.

Download the MPA Government & Industry Action Plan here.

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