Sun, 16 June 2024

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Report - Concrete Gravity Foundations for Offshore Wind

Concrete Gravity Foundations UK manufactured, cost-effective solution for Offshore Wind

Gravity foundations are concrete shells that are placed on the sea bed and then ballasted, and represent a simple and effective engineering solution for offshore wind farms.

For concrete, all the raw materials can be UK sourced, production also provides opportunity for jobs in design and construction as well as those related to the ports’ infrastructure, transportation and installation processes. A typical manufacturing facility producing 50 bases per year will generate 500 to 600 jobs directly at the facility. The extraction and delivery of the concrete constituents will generate a further 100 UK jobs.

CGFs meet Government drivers for UK content, skills and competition. Current technology for foundations is monopiles but this technology is already at the limits of its performance capabilities.  The need for a new technology gives an opportunity for a solution that does not use imported raw materials, maximises UK job creation and provides an alternative and hence competition. Concrete gravity bases are this solution.

With the proven long term performance of concrete structures, in a wide range of marine environments, and over 300 installed concrete offshore wind foundations across the world, this foundation is extremely durable and provides a solution which is both economic to build and performance benefits over its steel competitors.

MPA The Concrete Centre represents an interest group that represents the supply chain for Concrete Gravity Foundations.  

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