Thu, 30 May 2024

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Veterans Aid


27 Victoria Square, London, SW1W 0RB

Veterans Aid (VA) is a UK charity, which has been successfully turning around the lives of veterans in crisis since 1932.

Dedicated to providing immediate, practical and holistic support to veterans who are homeless, facing homelessness or in crisis, its aim is to emotionally, socially and financially empower veterans to sustain independent living and achieve their own maximum potential to live and develop in the community. It really is the frontline for veterans in crisis.

Veterans Aid

VA has a light footprint and operates from just two London locations – a HQ & Ops Centre in Victoria and a 66-room residential facility (New Belvedere House) in Stepney.

It has helped veterans of the UK’s Armed Forces from 67 countries, interacted with academics and politicians worldwide and is the only UK veteran organisation belonging to FEANTSA.

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Cost of living rises are creating a cyclical process for those in need, says leading Charity Partner content
By Veterans Aid

Veterans Aid remained fully operational throughout the pandemic – but it was a challenge. CEO of the charity, Dr Hugh Milroy, is concerned that the recent staggering hike in utility costs is set to present frontline organisations with even bigger problems – with potentially catastrophic consequences.

Armed Forces drugs policy is leaving legacy of  distress Partner content
By Veterans Aid

A recent research paper into the  discharge process for men and women dismissed from the Armed Forces for drug use found it ‘inconsistent and damaging’. Pledges to explore and redress this are welcome, but in the interim frontline charities like Veterans Aid are dealing with its devastating impact on individuals and families. Dr Hugh Milroy, CEO of the charity, explains why a review of the policy is needed.

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