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Tue, 31 March 2020

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Angela Rayner says Jeremy Corbyn 'didn't command country's respect' as she attacks his leadership

Angela Rayner says Jeremy Corbyn 'didn't command country's respect' as she attacks his leadership
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Angela Rayner has accused Jeremy Corbyn of failing to win the "respect" of voters as she launched a bitter attack on his leadership.

The Shadow Education Secretary said Mr Corbyn had failed to convince ordinary people that their safety was his "primary aim" in the run-up to the general election.

The deputy leadership hopeful also said she can "resonate with people in the country in a way that Jeremy doesn't".

And in a further blast, Ms Rayner said Labour's manifesto policy on Brexit was "awful", and that Mr Corbyn should not get a job in the party's new Shadow Cabinet.

Her comments, in an interview with ITV, put Ms Rayner at odds with her close friend and leadership candidate Rebecca Long-Bailey, who has given Mr Corbyn's leadership "10 out of 10".

Asked what her political differences with the Labour leader were, she said: "I'm more bombastic, more focused and more sharp, and I would expect more discipline in a way that Jeremy didn't.

"He didn't command respect, and he therefore wasn't able to command that collectivism in the Labour Party. I think that's the one thing that I've got. I've had the respect and the support of all of the Parliamentary Labour Party and up and down the country most of the Constituency Labour Parties have supported me in this process.

"I resonate with people in the country in a way that Jeremy doesn't."

Ms Rayner added: "I think I'm stronger on security, I've always felt quite strong about that.

"I don't think he was weak, but I think he had a more international view of things, whereas I'm more pragmatic, I understand the interrnational context, but I also understand most people in this country just wanna know that you're going to keep people safe and look after them and that's my primary aim and that's where I come from and a lot of people didn't think that's what Jeremy's primary aim was.

"Law and order and policing, I'm quite strong on that."

Taking aim at Labour's election manifesto, she said: "Our Brexit position was awful, people did not accept where we were at on that...and our manifesto was too much, people just didn't think it was credible."

Both Ms Long-Bailey and Richard Burgon - Ms Rayner's deputy leadership rival - have opened the door to giving Mr Corbyn a job if they win the contest.

But breaking ranks with them both, she said: "I think now the opportunity should be for the next generation to come forward. Obviously people who have served and people who've been in the party a long time like Jeremy can support and mentor those coming forward,.

"We have to show that we're different and that we're bringing new talent in and we have to show that we do want to do that and change as a party, that people have confidence that we can speak to the whole of the country and that's the best way of taking us forward."

Mr Burgon hit back at Ms Rayner on Twitter, insisting he would never criticise Mr Corbyn.

He said: "Jeremy has my respect - and always will. Jeremy has the respect of all those members who voted for him twice as leader. Jeremy would likely have become PM in 2017 if it weren’t for the outrageous behaviour of the PLP trying to oust him the year before."


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