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Mon, 6 July 2020

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EXCL Senior Tory official suspended after 'Muslim babies' comments

EXCL Senior Tory official suspended after 'Muslim babies' comments

Emilio Casalicchio

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A senior Tory has been suspended from the party after she claimed Islamic extremists were raping British women to create "Muslim babies", PoliticsHome can reveal.

Carola Godman Irvine also said the Manchester arena bombing may have been the "wake-up call that was needed" to spur the police into "radical monitoring" of Muslims.

The farmer and campaigner was chair and president of the Conservative association in the Lewes constituency of Maria Caulfield MP, who quit as a Tory vice-chair this week over Brexit.

But she was suspended by party bosses after her controversial remarks, in a furious blogpost, were revealed by PoliticsHome.

Writing in the wake of the Manchester arena suicide bombing that killed 22 people just days before the general election last year, Ms Godman Irvine said: "Already they are raping and impregnating British girls and young women, ‘creating’ Muslim babies; just see what is happening in Rochdale.

"Let us hope that the 22 victims of the Manchester bomb have not died in vain. Perhaps this was the wake-up call which was needed.

"The policing of city centres must be revolutionised, and radical monitoring of what is going on within the Muslim population, their mosques and schools must be addressed."

She added: "Genuine peaceful Muslim clerics, Imams and communities must take responsibility for their own. They cannot stand by wringing their hands saying, ‘it’s not us’.

"It damn well is and if they are not willing to ‘police’ their own extremists, then something has to be done."

And she went on: "We have been too cautious, polite, even perhaps afraid to act, while turning a blind eye and allowing vast areas of our cities to become unrecognisable as Britain.

"Local planners have much to answer for by allowing vast mosques to be established which hold thousands. Would Christians be allowed to build vast cathedrals in Muslim countries? No, of course not."

In another post from January 2015, she shared an article said to be by German academic Dr Emanuel Tanay, which she said was “chilling but should not be ignored”.

The shared article claimed: "In the U.K, the Muslim communities refuse to integrate and there are now dozens of ‘no-go’ zones within major cities across the country that the police force dare not intrude upon.”

And in a March 2016 post ahead of the EU referendum, she said 75 million "Muslim Turks" were set to be allowed into Britain "no questions asked".

She added: "No wonder David Cameron is so keen to rush the referendum through rather than wait until 2017. This development will certainly not help our security if we remain in the EU."

A Conservative spokesperson said: "Carola Godman Irvine has been suspended from the party pending an investigation."

Ms Godman Irvine insisted she did not “write anything to offend anybody” and insisted the posts were historical.

She told PoliticsHome: "It was fair comment at the time. We are talking about extremists and not law-abiding people who live in this country."


The row comes against the backdrop of claims that the Conservatives have an Islamophobia problem.

Last month, former Tory co-chair Sayeeda Warsi said the problem went "all the way up to the top" of the party.

She said: "I don't think it's something that Theresa [May] is a part of, but I do believe it is something the leadership feels can be easily ignored."

Tory bosses are also facing calls to suspend Michael Fabricant MP after he tweeted an image of London mayor Sadiq Khan's head on an inflatable pig.


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