Thu, 7 December 2023

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WATCH Bo (mandatory re-) Selecta - film gives young voters tips on how to change the Labour party

John Ashmore

2 min read

Jeremy Corbyn's alt-media acolytes have opened a new front in the battle to get "our boy J-Corbz" into Number 10.

Complete with backwards cap, spectacles and Black Flag (they're a band) Corbyn t-shirt, 'Class War Social Democrat' Michael Walker is on a mission to explain dem Labour tings one sick bar at a time.

"In this series you're gonna hear about elections, structures, factions, conference, selections, rule changes - there's obviously a lot to look forward to," intones the absolute boy Walker on the first instalment of his sure-to-be-groundbreaking 'Party Time' Facebook series. 

It's a strange mixture of the very tongue-in-cheek and the slightly prolier-than-thou earnestness that occasionally afflicts some of Corbyn's most fervent supporters.

What is essentially a serious message about the importance of participatory politics is undercut by "JC SMASHED IT"-style interjections, banterously low-tech graphics and an Ibiza Chill 2003 outro (complete with swag walk from Walker). 

There are digs at Labour moderates such as Yvette Cooper, Chuka Umunna and Neil Coyle - whose head symbolically rolls across the screen at one point.

And with talk of the mandatory reselection of Labour MPs now rife, it's pretty clear what side of the debate Ali G-a-like Walker is on.

"It was the members who, against the wishes of Labour's establishment, chose Corbyn and it's the members who have been proved right," he says. "And if we want to win the next election, we need to put the power in the hand of members to choose their representatives across the party, not just the leadership.

"We already know that groups like Labour First and Progress are already trying to further limit the power of members to to affect change within the party."

Here in all it's's Party Time.




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