Tory MP calls for fresh tax on housing developers to win over young voters

Posted On: 
15th May 2018

A Conservative MP has called on the Government to bring forward a new tax which would see housing developers forced to fund local infrastructure.

Bim Afolami says the move could curb people's concerns around rapid development
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Bim Afolami says a Permission Value Tax would help to “win over” concerned locals by ensuring roads, hospitals, schools and other infrastructure are maintained amid major building works.

The levy would charge landowners based on the increase in the residential value of the land when development takes place.

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Mr Afolami’s suggestion, revealed by the Sun, is recognised as an attempt to bridge concerns between young people, who find it increasingly difficult to buy their own home, and older generations who fear the repercussions on local services from rapid development.

The Hitchin and Harpenden constituency MP, who was first elected last year, dismissed claims of a “cash-grab”, adding: “This would generate very substantial upfront funding and help to win over local people who live near the site.”

The paper says his recommendation comes amid a series of policy proposals put forward by Tory MPs in a bid to persuade disillusioned young voters to support the Conservatives.

Mr Afolami's proposal would see a tax of between 10% and 20% of the final land value – with the south east of England and greenfield sites taxed most, while projects in northern areas and brownfield sites would put up less.