Jeremy Corbyn accused of ‘political opportunism’ over boundary change opposition

Posted On: 
29th December 2017

Jeremy Corbyn’s opposition to proposed boundary changes is an “affront to democracy,” a Tory MP has said. 

Jeremy Corbyn has been accused of poltical opportunism by Tory Minister Chris Skidmore

The Labour leader has been accused of prioritising his political ambition by blocking plans to reduce the number of MPs in the House of Commons from 650 to 600.

Under the proposals, the size of an average Parliamentary constituency would be equalised for both Labour and the Conservatives at around 75,000.

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Jeremy Corbyn’s constituency could be abolished as part of new boundary review

Labour move to derail boundary changes passes second reading

Writing for the Daily Telegraph, Constitution Minister Chris Skidmore said: “It is an affront to democracy that 27 million people are under-represented, and it is disappointing that the Labour Party are trying to disenfranchise them yet further.

“Without a boundary review, the constituencies at the next election would be based on electorate data from 2000, making these the most out-of-date boundaries since the modern system was established by Herbert Morrison during the Second World War.”

The intervention comes after Mr Corbyn declared that he will stay on as Labour leader to contest the next general election, which under the Fixed-term Parliaments Act is set for 2022.  

In an interview with the i newspaper and the Independent, he said he was in good shape to stay on for another five years.

He said: “We’ve got lots of energy. I’ve got loads of energy. I’m fine, I eat porridge every morning. Porridge and energy bars and I keep off alcohol and meat.”

Commenting on the proposed boundary changes, a Labour Party spokesman said last night: “Everyone agrees that a boundary review is needed, and Labour stands ready to work with other parties to ensure it goes ahead in a way that benefits our democracy and not just the Conservative Party.

“Labour supports a review which will benefit our democracy and representation of all communities, based on the most up to date register, but the Tories only seem interested in their own political advantage.”