Tuition fees could be cut under major Government review of higher education funding

Posted On: 
17th February 2018

Tuition fees and interest rates on student loan repayments could be cut under a major Government review, it has emerged.

Tuition fees may well be cut as part of a Government review into University funding.

Theresa May and Education Secretary Damian Hinds will announce a major review of higher education funding on Monday amid mounting public concern at the sky-high cost of university studies.

Students can be charged up to £9,250 a year for their courses, leaving most of them graduating with huge debts.

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Labour vowed to scrap tuition fees entirely at last year's general election, a policy widely credited with boosting their support among young people.

Ministers are thought to be considering cutting the maximum fee to £6,000 a year.

The review is expected to look at the cost of a course and take into account the likelihood of it producing high earning graduates.

If the course is not expected to deliver graduates into well paying jobs quickly, the Government may recommend universities charge less.

Former Education Secretary Justine Greening is believed to have stopped plans to review tuition fees while she was in office.

Dr Greg Walker, chief executive of universities group MillionPlus, said: "Whatever the terms announced next week, the watchwords of the review should be sustainability and equity, for both students and universities.

"A cut in tuition fees without a plan to replace that lost income would risk the world-leading reputation of Britain's higher education sector and lead to major job losses in many regions of England."