Theresa May rules out vote on foxhunting before next election

Posted On: 
7th January 2018

Theresa May has ruled out any vote on foxhunting in this Parliament following a public outcry over the Tories' election stance on the issue.

Theresa May has confirmed she will not bring a vote on reintroducing foxhunting before 2022

Stories about the manifesto commitment to a free vote on hunting were among the most shared on social media during the campaign, helping contribute to the Conservatives' underwhelming performance.

Speaking in a pre-recorded interview with the BBC's Andrew Marr Show, Mrs May said:

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“I’ve not changed my personal view. I’ve never foxhunted as it happens. 

"But as prime minister my job isn’t just about what I think about something, it’s actually about looking at what the view of the country is. I think there was a clear message about that. And that’s why I say there won’t be a vote on foxhunting during this parliament."

And a government aide told the Sunday Times it was not likely a free vote would be in a future Conservative manifesto. 

“We want to focus on issues that matter most to people - building more homes, continuing to raise school standards, investing in the NHS and delivering a good Brexit.”

The latest move is part of a wider effort from Tory HQ to convince voters that the party shares their concerns about animal welfare and the environment. 

Last week Environment Secretary Michael Gove set out plans to reward farmers for stewardship of the environment, and he has also championed efforts to reduce plastic waste.

And Mrs May herself is due to give a keynote speech on green issues this Thursday as part of the drive to repair the Conservative brand.