Michael Gove plans cash incentive for farmers who are kind to animals

Posted On: 
20th February 2018

Farmers could get cash for being kind to animals, Michael Gove will say today.

Michael Gove will speak at the annual National Farmer's Union conference today

The Environment Secretary is expected to put forward new plans for a subsidy designed to encourage better treatment of livestock.

Under the proposals, farmers who give animals more time to roam outside of enclosures will receive a financial reward.

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Speaking at the National Farmer's Union conference in Birmingham today, Mr Gove will say: “I believe in investing in higher animal welfare standards.

“We have a high baseline for animal health standards, which we will continue to enforce.

“However, we could also support industry-led initiatives to improve these standards, especially in cases where animal welfare remains at the legislative minimum.”

The Environment Secretary is also expected to set out how the Government plans to distribute the £3bn in EU subsidies that currently helps keep the UK farming industry afloat.

Ministers have committed to matching the funding until 2022, but Mr Gove has indicated that in future it will be linked to public good, such as protecting the environment or repairing the soil.