Woodland Trust response to #Budget2018

Posted On: 
29th October 2018

Abi Bunker, Director of Conservation at the Woodland Trust has said:


"Ten million pounds for tree-planting and fifty million in carbon credits for woodland-planting landowners, while a welcome start, is only a step in the right direction to re-green our deforested country and tackle our climate change crisis. The problem is greater than just having the funds to deliver increased tree planting"

"As well as more money we need clarity about how land use will be supported post Brexit, regulations that are easier to understand, more accessible grants schemes and better connection between those creating woodland and the wider societal benefits"

“It is  worrying that the thirty billion road investment throws a shadow over this announcement,  particularly as many of our ancient woods and trees would be under threat from new road developments. The scale of loss of street trees we’ve seen in places like Sheffield has been horrific. The £10m promised for new urban trees won’t go far.  When compared to the losses we have recently seen, it is doubtful that  there will even be a net uplift in tree numbers with that investment. It is essential that as we plant trees and create new woodland, we protect existing trees and woodland at the same time.”