Greens vow to cut net carbon emissions to zero by 2030 as party unveils election manifesto

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19th November 2019

The Green Party has pledged to spend £100bn reducing the UK's carbon emissions to zero by the end of the next decade.

Green Party co-leaders Sian Berry and Jonathan Bartley.

Co-leader Sian Berry said there would not be "another chance" to tackle climate change as she vowed to ramp up borrowing in a bid to decarbonise the economy by 2030.

The party is putting a 'Green New Deal' at the centre of its general election manifesto, which is being launched on Tuesday, with the plans mainly paid for by £91.2bn of extra borrowing.

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A further £9bn will be found through tax changes, including upping corporation tax to 24%.

The Greens said: "We feel that this borrowing to invest is justified, in the face of the looming climate emergency, and prudent, given how Green New Deal investment will kick start an economic and social regeneration."

Green Party co-leader Jonathan Bartley said the plans represented the "most ambitious Green New Deal proposed anywhere in the world" and come as Labour faces its own fierce debate over how far to go with its carbon reduction pledges.

"While the other parties are trying to catch up, we’re still racing ahead, reaching new horizons," he added.

As well as the decarbonisation plan, the party is also promising nine other bills within the first two years of a Green-led government.

They include a 'People's Vote Bill' offering a fresh referendum on EU membership, an 'NHS Reinstatement Bill' to pump an extra £6bn a year into the health service, and a 'Further Education Bill' to scrap tuition fees.

The party will also pledge to set "binding targets" to keep the economy running "within environmental limits" through a 'Sustainable Economy Bill' and bring in a new law requiring all public bodies to "balance the needs fo the present with the needs of the future" when making decisions.

Elsewhere, the Greens are promising to phase in "unconditional" Universal Basic Income payments, build 100,000 zero carbon homes for social rent, beef up tenants' rights, scrap the first past the post voting system and abolish the House of Lords.

Speaking at the party's manifesto launch in London later, Ms Berry will say: "The Greens are clear about which path we must take as a country. And that’s why each and every Green MP elected this December will have in their in-tray a legislative agenda ready to go.

"Ten Bills ready for the next Parliament to hit the ground running. Because the future won’t give us another chance to get these next two years right."



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“With domestic policy having taken the lead so far in this General Election campaign, the manifesto launches are going to be vital and the Green Party’s bold lead on cutting carbon emissions to zero in 2030 sets a challenge to Labour, who are reportedly looking at the same.

"The Greens are big outsiders at 500/1 (0.2%) for the most seats but their votes could be vital in constituencies under the Remain alliance, especially with Labour hoping they can cover Green voters.” 

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