Jeremy Corbyn to tell youth climate strikers a Labour government will 'hear your demands for change'

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19th September 2019

A Labour government will respond to the "demands for change" from young people going on strike to help the environment, Jeremy Corbyn will say.

Jeremy Corbyn will pledge to "hear demands" of climate strikers

The Labour leader will address hundreds of young people in Parliament Square on Friday and assure then that he will act on their concerns if he becomes Prime Minister.

Mr Corbyn will also take aim at Boris Johnson record on the environment, and blast Donald Trump as a "full-blown climate denier".

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He will say: "To the young people leading by example today here and across the world, I want to say thank you: thank you for educating us about the climate crisis and the emergency of species extinction and biodiversity loss.

"I know the situation can look bleak. We have a Prime Minister that has called global warming a ‘primitive fear without foundation’. 

“The US President is a full-blown climate denier, putting our planet in danger by pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement. And the Amazon is on fire, looted by big corporations with a Brazilian president watching on who doesn't care.

"But when we see young people demanding urgent action, it's an inspiration. When I see this movement growing – and it's growing every day – I know we can tackle the climate emergency." 

Mr Corbyn's comments come as delegates at the Labour party conference in Brighton prepare to debate its plans for a "Green New Deal".

"The next Labour government will welcome your pressure and hear your demands for change,” he will add. 

“We will kick start a Green Industrial Revolution and protect our planet, so it’s there to give life and joy to generations to come."