RCVS launches new CPD pilot

Posted On: 
17th March 2017

The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) hosted two continuing professional development (CPD) pilot days on 28 February and 1 March 2017, training volunteers to trial a proposed new outcomes-based system of measuring and recording learning and development. 

This trial is the result of a six-week consultation held by the College in June 2016, asking for the profession’s views on a proposed new system of CPD - one that concentrates less on hours logged and more on interactive, reflective learning and measuring the impact that CPD has on the individual’s practice and patient health outcomes.

While an overall majority of the 3,357 people who responded to the College’s consultation agreed with the proposed changes to the CPD requirement, certain elements received less support than others. The lowest amount of support was received for the ‘reflection’ component with 35% of respondents disagreeing with it.

The RCVS Education Committee and VN Council therefore agreed that a pilot of a new outcomes-based approach should be held during 2017 before making a recommendation to RCVS Council. The RCVS Council approved this proposal at its meeting on 10 November 2016, after which 117 volunteers were recruited, 60 of whom were able to attend the training days.

A veterinary surgeon who signed up for the pilot and works in veterinary industry, Gina Dungworth, commented: “I really appreciate the acknowledgement of non-clinical CPD practices, and while I was originally sceptical of the proposed system the pilot day has so far been clear and helpful.”

A veterinary nurse volunteer, Lindsey Raven Emrich, added: “CPD is such a varied part of a veterinary professional’s career, and it very much depends on the person how easy it is to do. I find myself doing a lot of reflection as a natural part of reading articles, and I’m hoping this new system will expand that way of thinking into other areas of CPD.”

The volunteers will now pilot the new proposed system and report to Education Committee, VN Council and RCVS Council.