Woodland Trust comments on the Queen's Speech

Posted On: 
22nd June 2017

The Woodland Trust's Head of Government Affairs Dr James Cooper reflects on bills announced in the Queen's Speech affecting the environment, woods and trees.

HM The Queen delivers the Queen's Speech

"This is going to be an enormously important parliamentary session for the future of our environment, woods and trees.

We must ensure that environmental safeguards from the EU are safeguarded - and wherever possible - enhanced

"The Agriculture Bill must provide clarity for landowners and signal that rewarding public benefit will be at the heart of the new approach. It should  promote far better interplay between farming and forestry in the future than has been the case in the past.

"The High Speed Rail Bill must demonstrate that lessons have been learned about the need to better respect the natural environment.

"Finally, the Government must press on with manifesto commitments around protection of ancient woodland, street trees valued by communities and increasing planting rates. These are policies that MPs of all sides can support and there is no reason not to proceed with them swiftly ".