David Davis 'threatens to resign if Damian Green is sacked over porn probe'

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1st December 2017

David Davis has warned Theresa May that he is prepared to resign from the Cabinet if Damian Green is sacked over allegations of watching porn on a work computer.

Damian Green and David Davis are allies despite being on opposite sides of the Brexit divide.
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According to the Evening Standard, the Brexit Secretary has said Mr Green - who worked under Mr Davis when he was Shadow Home Secretary - should not lose his job over allegations dating back to nearly a decade ago.

Pornography was allegedly found on the First Secretary's computer in 2008 when police raided his Commons office as part of an inquiry into Home Office leaks. He has strenuously denied the claims.

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The allegations are being investigated as part of a Cabinet Office inquiry into Mr Green, which is also examining claims of sexually inappropriate behaviour, which the de facto deputy Prime Minister also denies.

A mutual friend of Mr Davis and Mr Green told the Standard: "David would find it quite difficult to stay in his job and not resign if Damian was pushed out because of anything related to what happened 10 years ago."

The Brexit Secretary has made his views known to the Prime Minister and the friend added: "David has been absolutely fabulous to Damian in what are quite trying circumstances. He has put his cloak around him to that extent."

Another source close to Mr Davis told PoliticsHome: "Because of the events that took place nine years ago, when Damian worked in David's team, David has an interest in what is going on and is clear that he will not allow one of his men to be mistreated over what happened then."

Mrs May would be hugely reluctant to lose either man from her Cabinet, especially given the recent resignations of both Michael Fallon and Priti Patel.

Former detective Neil Lewis, who examined Mr Green’s computer in 2008, told the BBC he was shocked at the "thousands" of indecent thumbnails found on the device.

But a source close to David Davis said: "It’s right that allegations of misconduct towards individuals are properly investigated, but police officers have a duty of confidentiality which should be upheld."

A Downing Street spokesman said the Cabinet Office inquiry into Mr Green was ongoing.

Labour MP Jess Philips hit out at Mr Davis on Twitter.