British and US officials discuss full state visit by Donald Trump after Brexit

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22nd June 2018

British and US officials have discussed another visit to the UK by Donald Trump immediately after Brexit.

Theresa May and Donald Trump in the White House
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Diplomats were caught on tape plotting “a series” of trips to Britain by the US president, including a full state visit which would involve the red carpet treatment and a grand reception with the Queen.

The revelation sparked anger from Liberal Democrat leader Vince Cable, who accused the Government of sucking up to American leader.

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President Trump is due to make his first trip to the UK since he took the job in the White House next month. He will meet Theresa May and is expected to hold a low-key audience with the Queen.

He has also accepted an invitation for a full state visit, although the timing of the trip has not been finalised amid fears of mass protests.

It has now emerged that UK national security adviser Sir Mark Sedwill was recorded by Channel 4 discussing plans for a state visit with US officials.

In the recording, he tells US ambassador Woody Johnson: “Let’s plan for a series of visits in his first term”, and floats a trip in May next year to coincide with Second World War commemorations.

Sir Mark says he has already spoken to HR McMaster, his former counterpart in Washington, about planning another trip, and suggested making it “the first big visit after Brexit”.

Mr Johnson replies: “Let’s get him here once. Once you get it then you know what you are dealing with.”

Liberal Democrat leader Vince Cable told the Independent: “It is ridiculous that the British government acts in this obsequious way to a man who wants to wreck the open trading system on which the UK depends.”

Mr Trump is due to arrive in the UK on 12 July after attending the upcoming Nato summit in Brussels.

He is due to meet the Prime Minister the following day, but it is unclear yet if the face-to-face will be held at Downing Street - where protests are likely to amass - or her Chequers country retreat.

He is then expected to travel to Scotland to play golf with a celebrity at one of his resorts.