Britain's over 50s support Boris Johnson's call for new Royal Yacht - survey

Posted On: 
14th March 2017

Saga Group, UK’s leading enterprise for over 50s, surveyed over 10,000 customers on their support for a new Royal Yacht Britannia. 

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has declared that his proposal to build a new £100 million Royal Yacht Britannia would receive "overwhelming support".

Saga UK put the question to Britain's over 50s in its monthly survey, and the results* were positive, although not overwhelmingly. 

"Boris is batting for Britain and is right to raise the issue of commissioning a new Royal Yacht." said Saga's director of communications Paul Green.

"Saga recently polled its customers asking if they would support the commissioning of a new Britannia to be used by HMQ and her successors in the course of their Royal duties promoting British interests across the globe.

"Of those that expressed an opinion the majority were in favour.  Indeed, out of the 9,998 respondents to our poll only 39% were not in favour of commissioning a new ship. One in five had no strong view either way."


*Results - in favour 42%, don't mind 19%, oppose 39%