WaterAid response - ICAI report on disability in development

Posted On: 
16th May 2018

Water, sanitation and hygiene essential to inclusive development. WaterAid responds to ICAI rapid review on DFID’s disability in development work

WaterAid today responded to the Independent Commission for Aid Impact’s rapid review of DFID’s approach to disability in development.

Tim Wainwright, Chief Executive of WaterAid, said:

“WaterAid was among the organisations contributing evidence and guidance to DFID’s approach to disability in development, and we are pleased to see DFID named as a leader in working towards inclusion in all its development work.

“We join calls on DFID to go further to ensure persons with disabilities are reached fully in all aspects of development programming. And we are concerned to see that inclusive programming is not listed as an essential element of universal access to water, sanitation and hygiene, as outlined in UN Sustainable Development Goal 6.

“Access to water, decent toilets and good hygiene are human rights essential to good education, health care and the ability to earn a living; persons with disabilities may be denied these rights when services are not built to be accessible, and because of stigma and discrimination.

“Inclusion means accessible infrastructure, but also including persons with disabilities in the conversations and decisions, to ensure their needs are heard and met as part of the community, and to help dispel any misconceptions or prejudice.

“We look forward to this summer’s Global Disability Summit hosted in London as a chance to showcase and further develop DFID’s position as a leader on disability in development.”